International Training Bases offer Clubhouse Training for new and established Clubhouses helping them to run their Work Ordered Day based on the Clubhouse Standards.

Helsingin Klubitalo started as a Training Base in 2003 and is one of the twelve International Training Bases in the world.


Our Training Base delivers at least one comprehensive two-week Clubhouse Training a year.

Training objectives:

  • Deeper understanding for the Clubhouse model and how to apply the model to work ordered day
  • Identify strengths and challenges of the Clubhouse
  • Participate in work ordered day at the Helsingin Klubitalo
  • Create an action plan to strenghten one's own Clubhouse
  • Training also supports the Clubhouse in the accreditation process


Training consists of discussions which cover all seven standard areas.  During these discussions participants have opportunity to help their understanding of the key concepts which form the corner stone of our success.


During training participants write an Action Plan which is based on prior training work, their learning experience and discussions. Helsingin Klubitalo provides to participants consultants who help and support through a work process. Consultants make follow-up visits to participating Clubhouses in six months after the training to observe how Action Plan have been carried out.

More information about our trainings:

Miia Oijennus 040 777 4088

Tarja Saarinen 040 521 4088 

Hämeentie 54, 00500 HELSINKI